Manley Art Center,  Brookings, OR   November  16-17, 19-20, &  21-22, 2009

  1.   Absolutely wonderful. Worth every penny and a whole lot more. You are as gifted a teacher as you are an artist.  Please continue teaching. To anyone debating whether or not to spend the money and time on the class, you will not go away disappointed! Thank you sooo much.  Rita

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful tips, all the different areas you covered.  Thanks for giving us the supplies to work with.  I haven't painted for several years but now you have inspired me.  These techniques are just what I wanted to learn.  Now I will be painting again.  WOW ... I never knew that you could use all these different paints together. Can't wait till I come to your next class! L.

  1.   I loved the techniques and the paints Keith introduced us to.  He is a wonderful instructor and very helpful.  I feel that I really will be able to improve my art work tremendously.  So happy he came to Brookings.  Signa

  1.   Great class.  I learned so many new ideas.  Keith has inspired me.  Thanks so much!

  1.   There are so many techniques to learn from this class.  Quite valuable for any medium.  Keith is so willing to share his vast knowledge in all area's of art.  I would recommend this class to anyone who loves learning.  "Love isn't love till you give it away"...that is Keith with his art lessons.

  1.   Liked Keith's enthusiasm, talent, clear explanation of techniques.  Paints and teaches "from the heart".  Liked the balance of demoing and practical application on our own.  Really liked being able to "test" out paints without purchasing- convinced me to buy them.  Packed a lot into a short time.  So willing to share. All in all - probably the BEST short workshop I have ever taken and will be signed up for more. Taking a class with Keith has been an extraordinary experience. His love of art comes through with flying colors. Looking forward to more.   Jo

  1.   I found the class very unique!  The use of different types of paints and materials opened my eyes to stepping outside of my comfort area and trying them.  The different techniques are beneficial in opening up new avenues of doing everyday things differently using the different materials; not having to struggle to bring materials was an added plus.  Keith is very clear in his explanations...good voice...patient.   J.S. 

  1.   I like what you did.  the demonstrations were great and we learned a lot.  It's great watching you paint.  Picked up a lot of information in a short time.  Sharon S.

  1.   Loved the demos and techniques Keith used.  One of the most prepared instructors I've had the pleasure to take a class from. Great teacher! Rosie

  1.   Appreciated Keith having supplies for class.  Being a beginner, it was fun and informative learning new techniques.  It is a lot to learn in 2 days but with the booklet provided and practice, I hope to apply in my paintings.  Thank you! Linda

  1.   I just keep saying "AMAZING!"  Thank you, Keith, for a simply amazing class! I enjoyed learning so many techniques that I look forward to incorporating into my work.  Trying new paints and supplies was fun, too.  Thank you. I've never taken an art class before; any I take in the future will have a high standard (of mine) to live up to.  Bonnie

  1. Great class; especially for beginner and intermediate artists.  Very helpful to each student teaching techniques in multi media.  I appreciated this.  Loved the handouts- to refer to later.  Loved the supplies to keep us on track.  Thanks so much!!  Sharon G.

  1.   I enjoyed the workshop.  I plan to do it again.

  1. Liked everything about the class.  I feel that I've learned a lot of new things.  Thank you for providing all the necessary things for the class and that I can use in the future.  It was great that you provided so much information in the workbook so we didn't have to take a lot of notes. What a wonderful class we have had with Keith Sluder as our instructor.  He is so talented in so many things. L.S.

  1. Wonderful, fantastic, & fun.  Loved all of it and learned so much after a lifetime as an artist! Thanks. Pippa

  1. Wonderful seeing the different techniques and incorporation of both watercolor and acrylics used together.  Your seascape was amazing! L.H.

  1. This workshop was one of the most interesting I have taken.  I will definitely take another soon.  C.F.

  1. I especially liked the demos of techniques rather than a complete painting.  The handouts were appreciated too.  Thanks  D.

  1.   What I liked:  (1) The 8 lessons; quick, informative, beautifully demonstrated and explained (2) All of Keith's paintings, cards, giclees, and originals (3) Barbara's fabulous organization and keeping Keith on time (4) Barbara's convincing Keith to teach these workshops (5) Keith's generous donation of materials that are inexpensive, unknown by me,  and absolutely necessary using Keith's approach to painting.  What I did not like: NOTHING!! Richard S.

  1.   The demos were great- lots of explanation.  The opportunity to try unfamiliar paints was very much appreciated.  Seeing the process of layering the paints was great.

  1.   I enjoyed it all- really found out lots about new materials, ways to intermingle paints, different kinds of paint and color.  Thanks for sharing your inventions! C.M.

  1.   All the wonderful techniques & tricks and how we can apply them to our work was priceless.  **This will change my life as an artist!**  How generous of Keith to teach us his knowledge. Trying out these paints [Jo Sonja Matte Acrylic & Jack Richeson Shiva Casein that Keith brought for students to use ] was a real treat!  I will not be afraid to use acrylics anymore.  These paints are user friendly and so reasonably priced for all to afford.  I so appreciate the notebook with pictures too.  This will be of value to me for years to come.  Plus I had time to paint and observe without taking notes.  This class with Keith was the best! It was the best learning class ever.  So many unique ways to paint. Thanks so much!  J.