Beachfront Inn,  Brookings, OR      January 11 - 12, 2010

  1.   Hooray! A talented artist who is also just as gifted at teaching. To anyone trying to decide whether to take will not regret spending the money. This was my second class with Keith and I have knowledge from both classes that I can use today that would have taken me years to learn on my own.  Thank you, Rita

  1.   Thanks for all the wonderful tips, all the different areas you covered.  Thanks for giving us the supplies to work with.  I haven't painted for several years but now you have inspired me.  These techniques are just what I wanted to learn.  Now I will be painting again.  WOW ... I never knew that you could use all these different paints together. Can't wait till I come to your next class! L.

  1.   No matter what your experience, Keith seems to find things that will enhance your own style & skills.  I liked painting along with Keith.  Keith is very patient.  I wish everyone could appreciate how golden these lessons are. Kolleen

  1.   Keith does a great job showing/teaching applications.  What a TREAT! Loved it. Thanks so much! Lorelei

  1.   Loved the way the class was run.  We could hear and see everything.  Great class. Betty Jo

  1.   Excellent teaching techniques. Loved the sand and bubble segment. That is a great way to learn "step by step" techniques.  Would recommend these classes to any level student! Rosie

  1.   I really enjoyed this class! I loved the special effects and ways to create texture, rocks, and ocean water! The demos were great! I'm taking the March class! Nancy

  1.   Another great class! Many more helpful tips and encouragement to keep on painting and continuing to learn even more! L.W.

  1.   I enjoyed the calm gentle approach to simple hands-on techniques that are easy to learn.  From what we learned, we can grow and expand the uses to larger and more dramatic art.  Barbara E.

  1.   I was so satisfied being able to produce these special effects first try.  How wonderful! Keith is so talented and kind which makes taking his classes such a pleasure.  You just don't want to miss his classes because you learn so much that makes you look so smart.  It's an intelligence transplant! Thanks, Pippa

  1.   This is my first art class and I'm HOOKED! Great teacher. Great class.  Loads of fun.  I am so excited to utilize all the techniques I've learned!  Thank you. Sharon

  1.   What a treat for me.  I am not a realist painter but this class gave me some techniques that I can use.  Keith is such a kind and caring teacher.  He believes in the artist no matter at whatever level you paint.  Thank you, Karen

  1. The class was great.  I really enjoyed it.  Your teaching technique is excellent. B.

  1.   Thank you.  I increased my awareness and practice of techniques & materials. Great voice.  Understood demos, too! Thanks, Doreen

  1.   We love you. Signa

  1.   I learned some wonderful techniques.  N.

  1.   Keith is very patient and a good teacher needs to have that attribute to be successful.  His methods and techniques can be used for a lifetime.  I am a watercolorist and already my boundaries have been expanded beyond measure.  I can hardly wait to use these new techniques in my future work.  Loved it all. Thanks so much! J.