Bend, OR     January 15 - 16, 2011

  1.   I liked learning Keith’s new techniques, his demonstrations, and his willingness to help me when I didn’t like the way my pictures were coming out.  I liked the comradery among the students. I have really enjoyed all 3 workshops I’ve attended with Keith and am working towards more weekly classes with Keith.  I can’t get enough.  Barbara is a real asset.  Pam

  1.   I liked all the fabulous technical info.  I found it to be an EXCELLENT workshop.  I came away with so much information.  Keith is very pleasant to work with, always patient, and with a great sense of humor.  I look forward to the next workshop I can take.  Marilyn

  1.   I am very impressed with Keith’s talent and abilities in many art forms.  I hope in the future that he will teach an oil workshop.  Warren

  1.   Very high level of experience & knowledge to share. Wonderful step-by-step teaching style.  Very enjoyable class.  Demonstrations and projects were interesting and effective.  Thank you.  Cheri Lee

  1.   I liked everything!  Keith made everyone feel very comfortable.  Loved his approach.  I also loved how Keith supplied things I didn’t have.  I would love to take another class.  His Pencil & Drawing workshop is very interesting to me.  See ya again!   Connie

  1. I liked Keith’s calm teaching quality with patience and enough time in class to complete our projects.  Never felt rushed.  I wasn’t unhappy with anything.  Thank you!  Susan

  1.   Appreciated all the printed materials I received and pre-drafted art for my projects.