Seattle, WA     February 14 - 15, 2010

  1.   Keith is an extraordinary person, painter, teacher who gives 210%.  I will take many more classes from this amazing superstar artist and  special instructor. Thanks,  Richard

  1.   Loved it! I loved the VARIETY of techniques & materials and personal help!! Keith's personal attention to each student's concerns and problems is extraordinary.  He really zeroes in on the need of the student.  This helps enormously! This is especially important for us beginners.  He is very patient and kind, too! Susan W.

  1.   I loved all the techniques and various colored inks and paints Keith used.  I really enjoyed all the detailed techniques , Keith's down-to-earth personality,  and the fact that we could ask him anything during his talks and demonstrations. Sue R.

  1.   I liked being able to finish several "paintings" in a brief time.  I enjoyed it a lot and think I learned some helpful things.  I liked that Keith had boards prepared, in some cases, so we didn't have to take time preparing them. I appreciated that Keith had materials to use or borrow so I didn't have to spend a lot of money for something I would only use a bit of.  T.

  1.   I liked the thoroughness in how Keith got his techniques across.  Keith has an ease with the subject matter and materials that flows into his teaching methods.  It was a pleasure to take this in!

  1.   Keith is a good communicator with lots of ideas.  He's very willing to share and expose his students to new paints and papers.  Great workshop!  B.

  1.   I liked the detailed time Keith spent with each student.  J.