THREE   CREATIVE  PAINTING  Convention  CLASSES  - -  80 students  - -

Las Vegas, NV     February 26 - 28, 2012

  1.   I really enjoyed Keith’s watercolor class, especially all his tips and personal experiences in trying to capture various scenes.  I plan to put all his insights to good use when I paint.  Also I really appreciate it when an instructor takes the time to contact their students with pre-course information, as Keith did.  Keith, thank you for a very enjoyable experience; your logo is simply perfect.  Jayne M.

  1.   I enjoyed your class at Creative Painting very much and being fascinated with the seascape I am planning to try  again!  Doris S.

  1.   I  hope to take another class from you next February in Las Vegas.  Andrene S.

  1.   Quality sketch, quality materials, and quality teacher.  I will look for more of Keith’s classes.  P.

  1.   Keith doesn’t just teach.  He opens doors to your imagination!  L.

  1.   I liked Keith’s knowledge and confidence.  It was easy to learn from him.  J.

  1.   I enjoyed learning how I could extend my skills by adding new paints I’d never used before.  L.

  1.   I felt like Keith really wanted me to learn the techniques he was demonstrating.  V.

  1.   Keith has such a nice voice.  I really enjoyed listening to him.  He created such a calm atmosphere; really conducive to learn in.  His class had a nice pace.  I didn’t feel rushed.  M.

  1.   I didn’t finish my painting but what I learned in Keith’s class was worth it 5 times over!  D.

  1.   I never heard of Pro-White before.  I loved learning techniques Keith showed us for using it.  B.

  1.   Keith’s a fantastic teacher.  He makes learning fun!  F.

  1.   I loved Keith’s class and learning about his many techniques for using Pro-White.  S.