Bend, OR     March 12 - 13, 2011

  1. I liked Keith’s Step-By-Step method, concentrating on each feature, and then putting them together. The idea of building on a few basic lines and then going back in with layers was very helpful.  Learning the anatomy was wonderful.  Always Keith’s concept of us having a beautiful sketch from him to work from is very encouraging.  I always come away from Keith’s workshops with something I can hang.  People are so impressed and I want to keep going.  Pam

  1.   I LOVED Keith’s way of teaching all his secrets that took him a lifetime to achieve! The thing I liked least was that the 2 day workshop came to an end!  This is the 2nd workshop that I have taken from Keith and would love to take more.  I learned so much each time.  He truly wants everyone to feel good about their talents. He has a great way of teaching.  We learn from the BEST!   Connie

  1.   I liked  the Step-By-Step and anatomical renderings plus the time Keith took for absorption of the material.  The workshop was interesting, informative, and moved along at a nice pace.  I could hear and see Keith’s instructions.  Keith’s teaching style is comfortable and inviting.  Su

  1.   The absolute most productive art class I have ever taken.  I learned more in 2 days than I have in 6 years of art in school. I liked the pace in which we had time to learn each technique; not feeling rushed and not feeling we’re not good enough.  We all have our abilities we start with and Keith takes them to a whole new level anyone can be proud of.  Thanks a million times!  Susan D.

  1.   I liked the attention to detail by Keith and the obvious effort he puts into making his workshops great. It was very thorough. It was nice to do 2-4 exercises on each feature so they start to really sink in.  Chantel

  1.   I liked it all very much.  I thought Keith’s teaching was explained extremely well so that it was easy to understand.  Keith does an excellent job.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thanks!  Betty

  1. Keith has the patience of a saint. His very calm soothing voice makes learning so non-threatening and relaxing. He made an effort to make sure that everyone got his personal attention and encouraged each of us to ask him any questions at any time. His attention to detail, explaining in depth each feature’s unique attributes, brought them alive on the paper. I will never look at an eye or a nose in the same way.  He was able to get beginners, like myself, capable of drawing our first portrait.  I look forward to his intermediate portrait workshop where he’ll teach the next phase; painting a portrait in color.  Barbara