Coquille, OR     March 20 - 21, 2010

  1.   I liked Keith's demonstrations and the fact that he brought in supplies which I'd never tried before.  All the students seemed to enjoy the workshop very much and they learned some new interesting techniques.  Everyone liked the workbook.  It was a good workshop.  Anna Crosby, Workshop Chairman

  1.   Keith has made mixed watermedia come alive. Three days would have been better! This has been one of the most informative workshops ever.  I have never seen anyone demonstrate so many watermedia used together in one painting.  You have opened new doors for all of us.  Thank You!  Robin

  1.   I liked the hands-on painting with Keith's examples and guidance.  What an enjoyable 2 day workshop.  Keith is very professional, friendly, and helpful.  The information and techniques shown will help all levels of painters.  Thank You. Kathy

  1.   I liked Keith's relaxed style, gentle manner, and very, very thorough explanations. The workshop was so good that I would like to take another one.  Actually wish I could have continuing lessons!  I think you could teach me so much. Thanks! I can't say enough about how much I learned from studying under you for just a short time!  Pearl

  1.   I liked learning the secrets of making certain textures, skies, and rocks.  This was a great class for me as a watercolor beginner.  It solved some of the problems that have kept me away from watercolor.  Thanks for a great two days.  Patricia

  1.   I liked learning new techniqes I am sure I will use once I practice them at home.  Keith is very patient and answers questions.  He is a great talent.  Jean

  1.   I liked the thoroughness of the class. I especially liked the workbook to refer back to as time goes on.  Keith was very informative!  I enjoyed the class immensely.  Chisum

  1.   I like the way you spent time to help me, as I am a new painter and have everything to learn.  You are a very good teacher.  I enjoyed all your paintings. Lena

  1.   I thought the class and instructions were very helpful.  The instructor was terrific. Good personality and willing to go along with anything we do in painting. Maryellen

  1.   I liked all of it.  What's not to like! Time was too short! I was pleased you furnished a workbook so I can refer back to it.  It was great to see new paints and actually get to use them.  Thank You!  Geneva

  1.   I liked learning so much more of how to work with colors and shapes.  I felt that this was the most comprehensive art workshop that I have attended.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with each student.  Thank you so much for the great class.  I learned so much.  Linda

  1.   Keith was so gentle with all of us.

  1.   So many new techniques were presented.  You are so patient with everyone.  It was a great workshop.  I appreciated being able to hear and understand all that you said.  It really was a great workshop.  Thank You.  Jonna

  1.   I enjoyed Keith's class very much and feel that I learned a lot of new, to me, ways to paint.  I will have a lot of fun doing this at home. Mary

  1.   Keith inspired me to start painting again!