Brookings, OR     March 6 - 8, 2010

  1.   I had a great time at the workshop these past three days and learned so very much!  Keith is such a terrific teacher and imparts his knowledge to all levels of painters equally well!! I can’t wait for his next workshop at the college! Keith expanded my horizons and helped me to have the courage to tackle paintings that I would have otherwise said “No Way!” I believe that with the advice and help that Keith gave, I can paint lighthouses now.  Thanks so much!  Barbara, thank you so much for your very important part of the training sessions. Nancy

  1. Keith, you are such a support to me.  I feel free to try new techniques. Thanks for being the kind, caring person of art.  You are a great motivator.  Karen M.

  1.   Keith is 110% prepared for class with handouts, booklet, and amazing presentations! Keith's class is by far the most prepared of any I've taken.  All his techniques are explained and demonstrated to all levels of ability and skills.  Rosie

  1.   I learned more than in other classes taken.  To be able to try your paints is just awesome.  It is the first time I have taken a watercolor class that incorporated using acrylics and gouache.  Best class and instructor to learn from.  Bobbie

  1.   I had a wonderful time.  I did enjoy what I learned.  Keith is a very sweet person and tries his best to help everyone and make sure everybody is happy and understands the processes.  Donna

  1.   I liked Keith's continual willingness to answer questions completely with demos. Keith gives out so much art info that really makes sense.  Things I should have known but never quite got.  Now I can implement them- i.e. flow, design, balance, etc.  Nancy

  1.   A wonderful experience.  Three days well spent.  I liked the sky and rock techniques, how to correct and improve BIG mistakes, and Keith's explanations on balance and harmony.  Karen L.

  1.   I liked Keith's explanations, demos, individual help which often helps ALL, Keith's demo a step/student paint a step, his colored photos of his artwork to refer to.  Keith, you are an excellent teacher, good explanations, helping with individual problems, the workbook you give to help me later as a remembrance.  Keith is a fantastic teacher.  Joyce

  1.   I most enjoy Keith's comfortable teaching style.  His special effects and techniques are great fun to learn.  I plan to become a Keith Sluder "Groupie". Classes are fun and I learn a lot.  Jacque