Lincoln City, OR     April 21 - 22, 2012

  1.   I liked Keith’s detailed step-by-step instructions.  His techniques will help me to grow as an artist.  He answered my questions in a way that I felt comfortable.   June

  1.   It was a great workshop packed with new learning for me.  It was easy to follow and understand due to Keith’s style and ability to teach.  I loved learning many, many new techniques to practice and use.  Karen

  1. I liked Keith’s incredible preparation to move the class along and give the students reference material to take with them.  It was a very congenial, although intensive, workshop with a most generous sharing of techniques and materials.  Thank you very much.  Jeanne

  1.   Keith was very amiable and patient to show all of us on a one-to-one basis, when needed.  I liked the creative uses of color and the step-by-step explanations.  The workshop was very creative.    Vi

  1.   Keith was very well-organized.  The material he covered was very interesting and helpful.  He gave a lot of helpful hints on how to improve one’s work.  I liked his instructions on the principles of design.  There were valuable techniques taught in a way that was easy to understand and apply.    I liked learning how just a few specific techniques can achieve an overall concept or impression in a picture.   B.

  1.   I liked Keith’s willingness to answer questions and to clarify techniques individually.  I enjoyed the whole experience even though I’d never done watercolor work.  I appreciated Keith’s patience.   Leoda

  1.   I liked that Keith showed us each step before we painted.  I learned a lot.  I have not painted for over 4 years and this will get me back into it.  I liked it all.  Thank you.    Mary

  1.   I liked Keith’s detailed instructions and demos plus all his pre-class preparations (i.e. transfer sketches, mounted painting boards, etc). I liked learning Keith’s techniques and using new materials.  Loretta

  1.   It was a lot of information in a short period of time.  The workshop was easy to follow in most cases for a beginner such as myself.  John

  1.   I really liked Keith’s techniques and his color choices.  There was a lot to learn.  Keith is very nice, presentable, and friendly.  B.

  1.   I liked experiencing acrylic for the first time, palette use, and learning Keith’s techniques for wash and bleeding.  Keith was clear, easy to listen to, and made the class feel comfortable. Very interesting.  J.