FOUR   SDP  NATIONAL  Convention  CLASSES  - 80 students  -

San Diego, CA    May 13 - 17, 2014


Thanks so very much for helping me in the 2 classes I took from you.  I learned so much in your classes with all your great techniques.  You were fully prepared, your handouts were great, your surfaces were well-prepped.  I will definitely take more classes from you in the future.”   Joyce

I took Keith’s Lavender Shadows class.  What a great class!  Keith is a wonderful teacher and very attentive to each and every painter.  He made everyone of us feel successful.  Thanks, Keith, for a fun afternoon.”   Cynthia

Other Student Comments

  1.   I tried to follow your sky technique but I messed it up and was very frustrated.  You came over and in just one minute or so, you helped me fix my sky and showed me how to do it on my own.  I was so happy.  That separated you from all the past instructors I have had.

  1.   I loved learning your unique techniques.  I’ve been painting watercolors for years and never saw anything done like you do.

  1. What a wonderful class.  I learned so many new techniques.  I’ve taken classes from other watercolor instructors but Keith outshines them all.

  1.   I take Keith’s classes whenever I can.  He never disappoints.  Each one is different so I’m always learning new techniques.

  1.   I loved the class so much that I’m signing up for your class tomorrow.

  1.   Keith is so patient.  He answered all our questions.  He goes beyond just teaching the class by adding additional information along the way.

  1.   Keith, you are really patient and take your time to explain everything.  I’m so glad I took this class.  Just loved it.

  1. Thanks so much for the value study included in my packet.  It helped me to understand the balance in the painting that you spoke of.

  1.   Your instructions in your packet were impeccable.  I won’t have any problem following them when I do the painting at home.

  1.   I took your Koi Fish class last year and I had to come back for more.

  1.   I learned so many new techniques and you made sure each and everyone of us knew how to do them.

  1. I am a beginner.  I can’t believe that I was able to paint the painting.  Your easy to follow instructions helped me keep up.

  1.   I absolutely loved your class.  I learned so much.  You are an amazing teacher.

  1.   Keith, I just love your stories.  You are very entertaining.

  1.   You are a fabulous teacher.  Loved the class.

  1.   Keith, you really cared about all of us; making sure we understood each step.  Plenty of individual attention.