Bend, OR     May 14 - 16, 2010

  1. Wonderful variety of ideas and outstanding teaching methods. Thanks for so much one on one.  I look forward to your future and proposed classes and workshops.  Thank you for sharing your new products (to me), to your life experience of ideas, and to your generosity.  Linda

  1.   I liked EVERYTHING.  I feel you have taken me beyond what I have ever known.  I appreciate the care taken with every student, the explanation of skills, use of paints, the workbook, and the no-rush atmosphere.  I feel like I’ve known both Keith and Barbara forever. It was wonderful.  I plan to take as many of your future classes as I can.   Su

  1.   I liked Keith being able to convey to each artist in the class so they would each know how to do everything after they left the class. It was a journey through his teaching, sharing, and conveying to each person in the class.  Never before did I feel that a class was worth the money spent before this!  Keith is a great teacher that many do not have.  It will carry through my art in my journey as an artist.  Sandra

  1.   Keith’s goal from the very beginning is to make sure his students succeed at learning.  I recommend his class to everyone.  This class will help me tremendously in my art.  I will be able to use the techniques taught in oil painting... well any painting.  This was just great, very inspiring.  Thank you.  Clare

  1.   The Handbook is supportive of the workshop experience.  It is teacher to student.  It was great to read during the workshop.  I liked the support, the hands on help, the time spent with each student, and the sensitivity to how much help each student wanted.  This was very helpful to me in exposing me to new media, a new perspective, and a new language.  Keith is very kind with good people skills.  Barbara is a very good compliment.  They work well together. She sees to creature comforts and making sure you have everything you need.  Pam

  1.   This was my first experience under Keith’s instruction and the chance to try new products was a really nice plus to the whole experience.  I look forward to using and experimenting further with the products.  My friends will be envious!  June