WHITE  MAGIC  SEMINAR - Palomar Heritage Painters - 43 students  -

San Diego, CA     June 14, 2014


We had a full house for our first mini-seminar of the year, with Keith Sluder.  You could have heard a pin drop in the room for much of the day as Keith guided us through his techniques to achieve a colorful and amazing watercolor look to our pieces., It was surprising to see what he could do with just his “dab and pull” using a wet paper towel.  Many of us were working out of our comfort zones, but Keith was patient and very encouraging with us. I think our finished pieces and smiling faces spoke for themselves.  Thank you, Keith and Barbara for a wonderful class.”  

Charlotte, President of Palomar Heritage Painters

I want to thank Keith Sluder for coming and teaching us his style of Watercolor.  It was wonderful to come to class and have the piece all ready to go.  Keith was very patient with all of us.  We had 43 students that day and I think everyone was nearly done.  I know I am.”  

Sue, 1st VP of Programs

Your class in San Diego was fabulous.  Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.”   Jan

      I liked the experimentation of movement with paint, water, and paper.”   Mary

       Keith’s class gave me great ideas and one was how to print on watercolor paper.”   Linda

Other Student Comments

  1.   I loved your class.  I paint watercolors but have never seen the terrific techniques you taught us.

  1.   Keith, your teaching style is excellent... so patient and relaxed... yet you kept the class moving along at a good pace.

  1.   Thank you for broadening my horizons.  Going back and forth from watercolor to acrylic was so amazing.

  1.   I just loved your pre-sketched surfaces.  So professionally done.

  1.   I loved your slow pace so I had enough time to keep up.