3 day  THE  CHANGING  SEASONS  SEMINAR  - 13 students  -

Tacoma, WA     July 25 - 27, 2014


Tacoma, WA     July 25 - 27, 2014


Four projects in three days! WOW, did I learn a lot.  Each project offered new techniques which I will be able to use in subsequent projects.  What a wonderful way to learn. Keith is a wonderful artist.  I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge.”  

Sandy, President of The Pacific-Palettes

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.  I loved Keith’s demos, his video system, that he took his time and helped individuals, and I loved his stories.  I loved the time he took with each project; that he thought out how much time it would take for each step and then he paced the students accordingly.  Keith was very pleasant to all the ladies.  I loved how he got to know the ladies and cared for them.  He knew who was having trouble and he helped them.”  

Cathy, Vice President - Education

I liked Keith’s techniques and the variety of subjects taught.  It was very enjoyable!  I’m choosy when taking workshops.  To me, good value means not just the project, but more importantly, the education I receive from the classroom experience.  That is invaluable!  Now, after painting 6 projects with Keith (3 different venues), I can say it has definitely been worth the money and time.  I love that Keith throws in design and art theory in every class as well as a plethora of techniques.  Thank you for sharing your talents.”   Pam

I liked the overall information about why & how to have balance in a painting and about a center of

interest.  I liked that Keith, a longtime artist, was so willing to share.  Keith’s stories about all his

paintings made them more important and special.”   Patricia

I liked learning new techniques and how to manipulate paint to water consistency.”   Janet

I so enjoyed the easygoing pace and the information about painting effects and shadows.  Thank

you so much for working with us.”   Connie

I liked learning new techniques and how to manipulate paint to water consistency.”   Janet

I liked learning your watercolor techniques.  I enjoyed the seminar and I learned a lot of new

techniques.”   Florence

I learned a lot of new techniques and I especially loved that some of the techniques can be applied to other media such as acrylics and oils.  I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and would certainly take another class from Keith.”  N.

I liked the expertise of the instructor!  I also appreciated his kind and patient demeanor.  Keith was

very nice to work with.  I enjoyed the class!  I would definitely take another class in the future.”  L.

I enjoyed the whole seminar.  I have done very little watercolor so this was new for me.  I felt like I learned a lot.  Thank you.”  J.

Keith is the best teacher for watercolor.”  J.