Bend, OR     July 30 - August 1, 2010

  1.   I liked the one to one attention, hands on, Keith’s help in fixing mistakes, his kindness & generosity of time.   It made me excited to come to class.  I always learned something everytime.


  1.    I liked  Keith’s willingness to share so many techniques that he had developed but that were new to me.  Keith is a very talented and capable teacher.  Helpful and patient (thank goodness!).  He has a lot to give.  This class introduced me to new products.  Sue G.

  1.   I liked the individual attention, easy to follow hands on techniques, useful explanations, not too difficult, and not critical.  Great class, learned a lot, looking forward to learning more.  Keith is wonderful.  He teaches a wonderful class.

  1.   I liked the diversity and new information.   The workshop was excellent.  Su S.

  1.   I liked learning about wood textures, rocks, reflections.  Enjoyed the class.