THREE   PORTLAND RAINDROP  Convention  CLASSES  - 69 students  -

Portland, OR    September 20 - 22, 2013



  1.    I’ve been taking art classes for years.  I learned more in your class today about fundamentals than all of them put together.    M.

  1.    I am an acrylic painter and have only taken one class in watercolor which was a disaster.  I have taken many classes in the past 15 years locally and at conferences but have never enjoyed one so much or learned so much.  You are the best – I am hooked.  I even bought 3 of your CDs.  Thank you so much for the wonderful painting experience.  Also, I enjoyed talking to your wife Barbara – she is a doll.   M.

  1.   You have such a calming nature that you put all of us at peace.  Everyone who sat around me said you were so smooth; so easy to follow.  We loved that you occasionally went to everyone to check on them so no one felt they were left behind.  J.

  1.   You are an excellent teacher!  I loved your instruction.  It was just what I needed.  I’m really pleased with my project.  It was a wonderful learning experience. S.

  1.     I  loved the professionalism you showed and the knowledge you shared.  B.

  1.   I wanted so desperately to be in your White Magic class.  It was the one class out of all the classes offered that I wanted to take.  Your class was pretty much full but I told the office that I would sit on the floor, if necessary!  They made a place for thrilled they did.  C.

  2.   At first, I was afraid to try painting the soft edges but you made me feel so confident.  You showed all of us 4 times how to do it so when it was time for me to try, I felt like I could do it.  Guess what.  I did it.  I was so proud of myself.  S.

  1.    I really love your sketches.  Those, along with your Step-by-Step teaching style, made the classes I took easy to handle.  R.

  1.   You are a true professional.  You taught us so much good information.  You explained everything so well.  You made us feel like you really cared.  M.

  1.   I didn’t finish but I don’t care because I learned so much that now I feel I’m going home with 2 new techniques that I really know how to do.  T.

  1.   Thank you for your patience and showing me how to fix my mistakes.  R.

  1. I learned more in your class than any other class I’ve ever taken due to your outstanding knowledge and your ability to teach.  J.

  1.   Thank you again for a great class.  It is one of the best classes I have taken.  I hope to be able to take other classes from you soon.  If you are teaching anywhere close soon I would love to be able to be there.  R.

  1.   Loved your class.  It was one of the most memorable that I have experienced at any convention.   Your class was very comfortable; a true learning experience. I believe your work is incredibly beautiful and your teaching style is wonderful.  I love beautiful work and I know a great teacher when I see one!!  Thanks so much.  G.