Bellevue, WA       September 7, 2009

  1.   Your demo was the best I have ever attended. You are a fabulous artist and an equally talented teacher, gracious, amazingly knowledgeable & experienced, and willing to share it ALL! ... Sincerely, Richard

  1.   Keith did an excellent demo.  Would love to see him back for a full day workshop. Great teaching style, good hands-on, answered all questions.  Top notch-- and talented.

  1.   There are artists and there are teachers.  Mr. Sluder is both!

  1.   FANTASTIC - Wonderful teacher - let's have him here for a workshop.

  1. WONDERFUL teacher, ability to deal with "know it alls", very sharing... Thank You.

  1.   Excellent presentation-- well-organized useful information. Thanks, Whitney

  1.   Excellent demo.  I'm very glad I came. I learned a lot and was inspired into trying out some new paints...Susan

  1.   Absolutely AMAZING artist with very personable teaching capabilities.  I hope Keith comes back again & again!