About  Barbara


Barbara has always viewed education as an important part of her life.  She has a J.D. law degree, a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.S. in Recreation Administration with an emphasis on Therapy, plus all coursework towards a Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling.  She has enjoyed 4 careers: a Family Law Mediator who’s settled, processed, and brought to Judgment 1,000+ divorces enabling couples to “part as friends” and when children were involved, to “co-parent” them; a Software Engineer & Web Designer; a Protective Services (CPS) Social Worker who investigated child abuse/neglect and did crisis counseling; a Real Estate Broker. 

Barbara has made a difference in many people’s lives.

After a long marriage, Barbara divorced and raised 3 children by herself.  18 years later, a blind date

brought Keith and Barbara together due to their love for art.  Barbara started painting and was seeking a painting companion.  Boy, did she hit the jackpot!  What’s the chances of a New Yorker (Long Island) meeting a Southern gentleman from North Carolina (Asheville)?  Together they often feel like they’ve entered their second childhood.  Two LEOs, a perfect match astrologically; they both share a zest for life, a positive attitude, and “hearts of gold”.

Barbara loves to be creative.  She enjoys painting in oils, pastels, and watercolors.  It was her fascination with color that led her to start designing websites that have a high visual appeal.   She feels that designing websites is like painting on the computer.  Being very logical, she combines her talent for efficiency developed as a software engineer with her artistic bent to produce exciting websites that have garnered many compliments.  Keith’s Website is her most cherished creation!

Barbara is the driving force behind Keith’s Classes, Workshops, and Lectures. Aside from marketing, scheduling, brochure & flyer preparation, and correspondence, Barbara accompanies Keith to all his events; making sure that his students are taken care of so they can relax, enjoy, and thrive while learning Keith’s amazing techniques and his in-depth knowledge of Art and Design.

Keith and Barbara’s work together is love made visible!

People will  not always remember what you said and people will  not always remember what you did, but

                        people will always remember how you made them feel.