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Keith Sluder is an internationally acclaimed artist with 40 years of experience. Owner of 2 galleries and partners in a third in Southern California, with movie star collectors in Hollywood, Keith has had an amazing career in the art field as a master watercolorist,  master oil painter, cover artist, muralist,  workshop instructor,  degreed designer, and consultant. 


Keith  paints  with  JACK  RICHESON  OILs & UNISON  PASTELs  (provided  by  JACK  RICHESON).

Keith  uses  GRAPHITE  PENCIL for his portraits  along with water-based media, oils, and pastels.

Keith is a featured artist for DALER-ROWNEY.  CLICK  to view DALER-ROWNEY’s global website and see Keith’s profile and gallery. 

Keith's   MAGIC  REALISM  Subjects of Interest are:   >>>   12  SUBJECTS  
·      Enchanted Visions
·      Seascapes & Lighthouses
·      Dynamic Landscapes
·      Americana
·      Still Life
·      Wildlife
·      Native American
·      Art Nouveau
·      Portraits
·      Architectural
·      Whimsical
·      Fantasy Designs
Keith has exhibited in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Seattle, Denver, Houston, China, Japan, and many Fortune 500 corporations throughout the southern and western US. His 1500 collectors include celebrities (i.e. Ernest Borgnine, The Dinah Shore Tennis Classic, William Fawcett, William Shatner, William Holden, Peter Breck), athletes (i.e. National Football League), and politicians.                                                    
An exceptional talent of varied abilities, Keith is one of the nation’s foremost masters of  the difficult yet translucently beautiful medium of egg tempera.  Many of his finest works have been done this way although he is also accomplished in acrylic, watercolor, and pencil.        
Critics have called Keith the “new Andrew Wyeth” with his powerful and often poignant depictions of a vanishing rustic America.  Early in his career during the 1980s, Keith’s originals and murals already sold for as high as $13,000 to private collectors. Keith is known for his powerful examination of the Great Depression era and a sensitive portrayal of our Indian heritage where his goal was to capture the origins and strength of a young America.  CLICK  to see Keith’s Artistic Journey.
                  WORKSHOPS    BY    KEITH                 
     Keith is quickly emerging as a popular art instructor;  already in 8 states (OR, WA, CA, NV, TX, AZ, OH, MA).  Because Keith paints with  7 water-based media, as well as graphite and colored pencil, he can offer his students a wide variety of techniques.  Adding to this Keith’s  12 subject matters, Keith‘s students have a huge variety of workshops to choose from annually.  For each workshop, Keith prepares an extensive  workbook with his Step-by-Steps for techniques taught,  pictures of his artwork illustrating each technique,  plus Keith’s SPECIAL SECRETS.  
         Keith is a representative for  Daler-Rowney, Jack Richeson & Co Fine Art Materials, & Deco Art who generously supply paints, mediums, brushes, pastels, and watercolor paper for Keith’s students to use; a huge help in keeping the costs down when attending Keith’s workshops. Although students bring the basics; no long supply lists here!  

 Keith ignites his students’ passions when he teaches them how to paint the                 illusion of forever. 


    ” As president of The Pelican Bay Arts Association, Manley Art Center and Gallery in Brookings Oregon, I would like to highly recommend Keith Sluder as an instructor in any water-based media workshop. Since meeting Keith six months ago he has held several demos/workshops in Brookings. The demos always draw a huge crowd and his workshops fill up fast.	
     Keith has committed himself to art and shares his forty plus years experience with his students in such a patient and positive manner. Several students commented that it was the most they learned in a workshop and sign up right away again for his next one. The time and effort he puts into his visual aids for each of his workshops are much appreciated by all who attend.   
    With Keith you get the best of the best, an amazing artist who is also a wonderful instructor. Keith would be an excellent addition to your association as an instructor who shares his expertise, leaving an ever lasting impression on all of his students.“  L. H.

“ Keith is an extraordinary person, painter, teacher who gives 210%. I drove 12 hours from Seattle to Brookings, Oregon to attend Keith’s 2 day workshop. He was super organized, generous with his matte acrylics, soft acrylics, casein, illustration boards, and watercolor paper. Keith delivered a “knock out” class including outstanding, easy to follow demos. He gave descriptive step by step instruction materials and answered all of our questions  
 He is gracious, a clear succinct communicator, an outstanding creative demonstrator (I purchased his demo) and generous with his time, before, during, and after the seven hour sessions. On a scale of 1-10, Keith was a 57.9. I enjoyed the workshop and learned so much that I attended Keith’s 2 day Seattle workshop in February and, once again, I experienced his artistic genius and outstanding teaching. I will take many more classes from this amazing superstar artist and extraordinary special instructor.”  Richard S.

“ I hear lots of good comments about Keith’s workshops from artists... several had taken one of his  workshops and were telling each other how much they had learned, what a clear teacher Keith is, and how much information he had to share with them. They all sounded like they had enjoyed it and came away with positive feelings about the experience.” P.R.

” All the wonderful techniques, tricks, and how to apply them to our work was priceless.  This will change my life as an artist! How generous of Keith to teach us his knowledge. Trying out new paints was a real treat!  I so appreciate Keith’s notebook with pictures too.  This will be of value to me for years to come. Plus I had time to paint and observe without taking notes.  This class with Keith was the best! It was the best learning class ever.  So many unique ways to paint. Thanks so much! ”  J.

“ Absolutely wonderful.  Worth every penny and a whole lot more. Keith is as gifted a teacher as he is an artist. To anyone debating whether or not to spend the money and time on the class, you will not go away disappointed!”  Rita

“ I'm very excited about taking these workshops from Keith. I'm a rank-beginner and had a great time in my first workshop. I appreciate his down-to-earth style with students and encouragement to all levels of would-be, could-be artists!” Jacque

“ Loved it! I loved the VARIETY of techniques & materials and personal help!! Keith’s personal 
attention to each student’s concerns and problems is extraordinary.  He really zeroes in on the need of the student.  This helps enormously! This is especially important for us beginners. He is very patient and kind, too!”  Susan W.

“ Thanks  for all the wonderful tips; all the different areas you covered.  Thanks for giving us the supplies to work with.  I haven’t painted for several years but now you have inspired me.  These techniques are just what I wanted to learn. WOW. I never knew you could use all these different paints together.  Can’t wait till I come to your next class! “ L.

“ Liked Keith’s enthusiasm, talent, clear explanation of techniques.  Paints and teaches “from the heart”.  So willing to share.”  Jo

“ I found the class very unique! The use of different types of paints & materials opened my eyes to stepping outside my comfort area and trying them. Keith has a good voice & is very patient.”  J.S. 

“ I took Keith's last workshop on Rock ‘N’ Surf and learned some wonderful techniques.”
“ I just keep saying “AMAZING!”  I enjoyed learning so many techniques that I look forward to incorporating into my work.  Trying new paints and supplies was fun, too.”  Bonnie     MORE



We had a chance meeting a few years ago... a needle in a haystack.  It was love at first sight. A perfect combination of talent and marketing skills led the way to a tremendous synergy; the birth of KB Artforms. 

  Their work together is love made visible!

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