Keith  ignites  his  students’  passions  when  he  teaches  them  to  paint  the  illusion  of  forever...

“To share a talent and enrich someone else’s life is to complete and give purpose to one’s own life.  
I genuinely care about my students.  I try to give them everything I can 
in every class I teach; within the allotted time I am given.” 


LABOR  DAY  EVENT                                                                           Bellevue, WA      9/7/09  

Three  2  DAY  SPECIAL  EFFECTS  WORKSHOPS                                 Brookings OR      11/16 -22/09                                                              

2  DAY  ROCK ‘N’ SURF  WORKSHOP                                                       Brookings, OR    1/11-12/10

2  DAY  ROCK ‘N’ SURF  WORKSHOP                                                   Seattle, WA       2/14-15/10

3  DAY  LIGHTHOUSES  &  THE SEA  WORKSHOP                                  Brookings, OR       3/6-8/10

2  DAY  DYNAMIC  LANDSCAPES  WORKSHOP                                       Coquille, OR       3/20-21/10

3  DAY  DYNAMIC  LANDSCAPES  WORKSHOP                                       Bend, OR           5/14-16/10

3  DAY  SPECIAL EFFECTS  WORKSHOP                                                 Bend, OR          7/30-8/1/10

2  DAY  PAINT  &  DRAW  WITH  KEITH  WORKSHOP                              Bend, OR          1/15-16/11

2  DAY  PORTRAITS  MADE  EASY  WORKSHOP                                 Bend, OR          3/12-13/11

3  DAY  PORTRAITS  WITH  A  SPLASH!  WORKSHOP                         Bend, OR          7/29-31/11

3  CREATIVE  PAINTING  CONVENTION CLASSES                              Las Vegas, NV   2/26-28/12

2  DAY  THE  MAGIC  OF  WATER  WORKSHOP                               Lincoln City, OR  4/21-22/12


2  NORTHWEST  TOLELINERS  CONVENTION  CLASSES                 Seattle, WA        9/20-21/12

2  ARTIST  EXPO  CONVENTION  CLASSES                                     Houston, TX       7/19-20/13

3  RAINDROP  CONVENTION  CLASSES                                         Portland, OR       9/20-22/13

4  SDP  NATIONAL  CONVENTION  CLASSES                                      San Diego, CA   5/13-17/14

WHITE  MAGIC  SEMINAR                                                                          San Diego, CA   6/14/14

THE  CHANGING  SEASONS  SEMINAR                                                 Tacoma, WA   7/25-27/14

THE  SPIRIT  OF  KOI  SEMINAR                                                              San Diego, CA   1/17/15

2  CREATIVE  PAINTING  CONVENTION  CLASSES                          Las Vegas, NV   2/25-26/15

THE  MAGIC  OF  KOI - MORNING  JEWELS  SEMINAR                            Ferndale, CA  4/8-9/16

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