Keith  Sluder

              Lecture  Series

To share a talent and enrich someone else’s life

is to complete and give purpose to one’s own life. 

I speak to my audience with sincerity and

they speak back with deep appreciation.


Keith’s Lecture Series is very popular with groups around the country. 

Art Centers, Organizations, Retreats, Senior Centers,

Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities,

                                                AND  MORE

Here is a sample of one of his Lecture Series:

    1.      Elements & Principles  of  Design

    1.      The Color of Spirit


    1.      Poetry in Art


    1.      The Golden Spiral


    1.      The Art of Perception



    1.      Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

    1.      The Renaissance Age

    1.                                  PLUS  OTHER  TOPICS

  1. *



     Aspen  Ridge  Retirement  Community

I have been to many seminars and lectures. 

This was the best art presentation I have ever attended.”  D.

I really loved your artwork and how you explained the elements of art and design. 

It was a great presentation.”  M.


The  Summit  Assisted  Living





I feel like I can walk right into your artwork.”  S.

I enjoyed Keith’s lecture immensely.  I learned so much more than I expected to”  R.

When I looked at your artwork, it moved me emotionally.”  D.


Whispering  Winds

It was the best art presentation I’ve ever seen.  Keith’s art is exceptional. 

He reminded me of the old master artists.  I loved the way Keith presented his ideas.”  R.

I didn’t know what to expect.  I was amazed at how fascinating and informative Keith’s lecture was.  He took very complicated concepts and reduced them so they were very  easy to understand.  I just loved it.”  Z.


Fox  Hollow

Beautiful artwork.  I really loved the wildlife presentation. 

My favorite was Willie (the snow leopard).”  J.

Very beautiful presentation and artwork.  I learned a lot.”  B.

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