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 Keith ignites his students’ passions when he teaches them how to paint the                 illusion of forever 

After a 40+ year career as a successful International Artist, Keith has turned to Travel Teaching.  He genuinely cares about his students and it gives him a great feeling of accomplishment to know that he's helping to raise their skill levels.  Keith tries to give his students everything he can in every class he teaches.  

Below please find a variety of Classes & multi-day Seminars that Keith can teach your group.  If you don’t find one that  meets your needs, let Keith know and he’ll work with you to create an event your group will enjoy.

If your group would like to arrange for Keith to teach a Class or Seminar for you,  
email your request and please include details about your group, your preference for amount of days and possible date(s), type of media preferred, and techniques your group would like to learn.

You will see the MAGIC become real in Keith’s classes!

“There are so many techniques to learn in Keith’s classes.  Quite valuable for any medium.  Keith is so willing to share his vast knowledge in all areas of art.  I would recommend his classes to anyone who loves learning.  Love isn’t love until you give it away...that is Keith with his art lessons.”  Ann O.

“Thank You for all the extra attention you showed me.  Your extra one on one has given me confidence to get back to my painting and not let so many odds and ends distract me.  Come see me when you & Barbara are in Seattle.”  Joan R.

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